Last week, ECCO Leather unveiled the latest innovation stemming from its partnership with Icelandic designer Sruli Recht: Dyneema® Bonded Leather. And, just like their last project, Recht and Ecco chose to showcase the cutting-edge material on some suitably cutting-edge footwear. The Feather Boot (below), a slim, disc-wound ankle boot, was just one highlight of the ultra-limited apparel collection used to showcase the material. Safe to say, I really want one.

To create the material, Recht and his team sliced leather to the molecular thinness, then bonded the nearly-translucent skins to strands of Dyneema, a "super material" widely considered to be one of the world's strongest compounds. The result: a durable, lightweight, yet still emotional material retaining the textural properties of leather for grams rather than pounds. According to Recht, a leather duffle bag made from Dyneema Bonded Leather weighs just 200 grams instead of nearly 11lbs. 

While there's no news on when (or if) any of the collection shown will hit stores, the mere existence of a material like this is reason enough for excitement. For now, enjoy the images of the first-ever Dyneema Bonded Leather apparel, including coat, bag, and those beautifully-dysmorphic Feather Boots. 

Feather Coat Back.jpg


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