In an unprecedented approach to my own editorial direction, I'll keep this short.

Over the past few months, I've had amazing opportunities reveal themselves, opportunities that - to be blunt - were only brought into life through this blog. Many of those opportunities carry the understanding that work I do there is not to be reproduced elsewhere. As I devote myself more and more to work that I love, I find myself less able to produce the sort of long-form original content I used to for AS RAKESTRAW. 

This isn't "the end" - but it's an end of something.

I'll still post the occasional playlist, styling feature, shoe review, or hell, art/car/design feature that I truly feel is worth sharing. However, for all intents and purposes, most of the posts from here on out will be links to work produced externally. 

Personally? I'm excited. While this feels like the end of an era, there's a certain pleasure that comes with having a more immediate, more personal outlet rather than one focused on research-heavy editorial - a blog focused on the week-by-week, not the years gone by. Even memories get older. 

Plus, if you're one of the few who do truly enjoy my writing (hi, Mom!), I'll still be writing about anything and everything for the outlets you'll see linked on this page. It'll just be a link to the story vs. the full story itself.

Thank you to everyone who has followed, read, and supported this winding path I'm on. As we approach this next bend and the new direction it carries, I have only one thing to say: I hope you'll join me. 


Kind regards,


Alex Rakestraw

Alex Rakestraw




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