While Belgian artist Geoffroy Mottart's latest work is far from "subversive," his guerilla style (wait for night, act, retreat) seems the stuff of freedom fighters instead of a self-described "artiste floral." However, his latest work (best known as "Flower Beards") is every bit as revolutionary as his tactics imply.

Flower Beards is a series of floral arrangements decorating busts and statues throughout Belgium's public parks. The project's motivation? "I realized that most people pass by these statues without paying attention to them," says Mottart. Like the weather-beaten busts that line walkways in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, these public tributes often fell in the blindspot of many who walk by. However, thanks to Mottart's arranging skill and artistic vision, they have received new life.

Enjoy more images of Mottart's project below, and be sure to check out the artist's website here.





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