While it's no secret that I'm a fan of the original Royale (check out my full review here), this "Black Friday" special edition is on a whole other level. While I actually bought these last November (hence, "Black Friday"), winter precipitation has made Italian leather low-tops *ahemdisadvantageous. So, when a recent bout of unseasonal warmth turned snow into rain into heavy fog, I seized the opportunity to finally break out these Royales.

Rather than pollute this page with my own thousands of words, here's some photos of my the latest and greatest entry into my collection. If you'd like my full impression of the shoes, please check out my Greats Royale review; otherwise, enjoy the #shoeporn.  

Thanks for reading! See more sneakers 'n' stuff from this blog below, or check out the Royale on Greats.com here.


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