If 2016 showed us anything, it's the danger of unchecked white noise in media. So, after enduring the algorithm-fueled frustration that plagues (and harms) our daily lives, I decided to make a change. Rather, I decided to make one weekly. It’s called “Noise Cancellation.”

Noise Cancellation is a weekly email newsletter. Every Friday, I’ll send out a curated list of the arts, culture, and news stories you need to know, plus, any posts from this site that pass muster to deserve a spot in your inbox. Instead of stuffing you with junk food through a News Feed, "Noise Cancellation" presents a diverse, substantial, and non-partisan menu linked by one unifying factor: the stories presented will cut through the noise. The first newsletter will go out this Friday, January 6th.

If you’re interested (and I don’t blame you if you aren’t), sign up below: 


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