This week's featured outfit: how to get the side eye on public transportation. Some pop-ups last Sunday meant I needed rainy day shoes, and this summer, the closest thing I have to "beater pair" is a pair of Nike SFB combat boots. With my feet as a foundation, I built the rest of the outfit around some LaBeouf-inspired tapered jeans and a khaki tee.

Then, I threw on a bright blue anorak made for yachting. Because, ya know, it was raining and this is the jacket I had. Any port in a storm.  

Military boots, boating vibes, and a haircut that says "neo-fascist or English footballer": even in the West Village, it was an odd combination. Sufficed to say, I was the odd one out at the "comfort food" Sunday brunch place. Even if the jacket was L.L. Bean.

Public scrutiny aside, I actually rather liked the final look. The cotton-nylon anorak is every bit as drapey as the long-length Allsaints tee, but comes in a palette-breaking hue that complements the rest of the outfit because it's just different enough to still be similar. In my opinion, the outfit worked because it breaks rules with nuance. If I had a CAV EMPT Icon pullover or another neutral cotton-nylon outerwear piece, I'd probably look more cohesive - but, the dark neutral color palette, oversized top on tapered bottoms, and most importantly, fitted garments throughout left just enough playroom for a one-piece variation.

It could've been a yellow jacket; it could've been a pink hat. Instead, it was my ratty blue anorak. And I loved it. Subway sneers be damned.



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