As the second installment in the ongoing "photography feature" series, we'll today be highlighting the work of my friend (and fellow Wolverine) Derin Özen. Derin is a rising junior at the University of Michigan studying Industrial Engineering. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, writing, and playing music, especially guitar and piano. Oh yeah - and he also takes some seriously beautiful photos. 

Derin is originally from Istanbul, Turkey, and has traveled all over both the Old World and the New. His life, travels, and the people he meets are captured in his work, presenting an expansive and yet uniquely personal visual diary. Out of thousands of shots from every corner of the globe, he chose his 23 favorites to present here today.

Without further ado, the photography of Derin Özen: 


A special thank you once again to Derin Özen for providing the images for today's feature! If you're interested in more of his work, follow Derin on Instagram (@derinozen1995) or reach out to him on Facebook


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