Ah, the first week of break. I've been spending a lot of time outside recently in an attempt to enjoy the beautiful spring weather while it lasts. After all, summer's just around the corner, and in the Northeast, that means 90 degrees and 90% humidity. Not exactly "layered denim shirt" weather. For now, however, easy layers are a perfect companion to time in the local park or even some outdoor reading. These photos are from a quick shoot done with the lovely and talented Christina Oh, done before we all left Ann Arbor last weekend.

Uniqlo/Polo/Gap/Greats (photo credit:  Christina Oh )

Uniqlo/Polo/Gap/Greats (photo credit: Christina Oh)

Shoe details: Greats Brand "Royale" (photo credit:  Christina Oh )

Shoe details: Greats Brand "Royale" (photo credit: Christina Oh)

Speaking of summer: mine officially begins in just under a month away. In a little over three weeks, I'll begin the summer of a lifetime in New York City, one filled with friends, adventures, and endless possibility. But for now, I'm simply "home." Here's to some rest in the house I love, then the Big Apple!


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