This week's featured outfit: urban techwear and the latest from DYNE, the revolutionary clothing label I profiled earlier this year. The DYNE Tech Chinos pictured here and my first ever piece from designer Christopher Bevans' new line, and I'm already an addict. Not that I'm ashamed of it - hiding your face is just cool on the internet.



DYNE's "Tech Chinos" (pictured here) are a traditional chino cut made from schoeller waterproof fabrics, Swiss-made textiles that are some of the most weather-proof in the world. DYNE stitches these fabrics into garments, then kits them out with all sorts tech details including waterproof zippers and reflective strips. 

See? Reflective details.  Ooooh. Ahhhh.  (Supreme/TNF/RSVP/DYNE/Nike)

See? Reflective details. Ooooh. Ahhhh. (Supreme/TNF/RSVP/DYNE/Nike)

They're breathable in activity, flexible enough for a run, and best of all, a techwear pant that isn't just tapered black cargos. Despite the "chino" name, however, these are way more streetwear than office wear.

Unless you're RoboCop - and even then, wait for Casual Day. 

I paired the Tech Chinos with a Denali fleece from the North Face, extended length RSVP Gallery tee, and Nike Swoosh Hunter sneakers for a futuristic, urban explorer look. Check out my initial impressions of the Swoosh Hunter on the blog and see tons more photos of one of the most slept on shoes of 2016.

Oh yeah, one final note: shoutout to the homies at for featuring my outfit as one of their top picks of the week. You heard it here first, people - direct correlation between reflective pants and Insta fame. 

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