When I started this website on January 1, 2016, I never could have predicted the enthusiasm, generosity, and support I'd receive from friends and neighbors alike. In the three months of daily creation since, I've had the opportunity to discuss everything from fashion to music, photo-essays to psychology, and yes, even sneakers. Like a middle schooler fumbling his way through his first relationship, I wanted to take time to celebrate this minor anniversary. More importantly, I wanted to take the time to say a few overdue "thanks."

Thank you to my family. They've read more of my dumb thoughts than I could count, and for some reason, still tolerate me.

Thank you to the special few who have stood by my crazy, stupid commitment since Day One. I truly hope you know who you are: without your encouragement and openness to discussion, none of this would have happened. Every time someone stops me to talk about an article or engage about the music, arts, and fashion we both love, every hour of lost sleep is instantly worth it. I am forever grateful for the people who fill my life every day.

And finally, thank you to the nearly 43,000 people who have read since then. It's incredibly gratifying to think that a goofy kid in Michigan has the opportunity to connect with readers around the globe. Some day, I hope all our paths cross. 

I won't be doing posts like these often, but I felt especially moved today. There's a lot of research showing that 95% of all blogs go abandoned. That rate of abandonment spikes after three months, then stabilizes. Basically, if you make it past three months, it's all up from here. That's why, on Day 91, I'm taking this time to bring attention to the people who made this possible. Every day, we beat the odds. 

Thank you to everyone who has made this the best three months of my life so far. 

Alex Rakestraw

Alex Rakestraw

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