On Thursday, March 24, German performance label ACRONYM dropped its Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Founded by visionary designer Errolson Hugh, ACRONYM endeavors to merge cutting-edge materials science with aesthetic design: whereas the GORE-TEX coats of yesteryear had more neon flaps than a South London rave, an ACRONYM coat is tailored, matte black, and every inch as functional. Hugh's designs have won international acclaim, and the man himself has since collaborated with everyone from Nike to the makers of video game Deus Ex. Errolson Hugh's vision of a technology-driven near future is evident in every garment that his small Berlin team assembles, and the Spring/Summer 2016 collection is no exception. Check a gallery of the highlights below:

This season's standout piece is the ACRONYM x NEMEN J-28K, a garment-dyed 3L light shell made in collaboration with the storied Italian outerwear label. Lurid color blends add unprecedented pops of color to the ACRONYM line, complimenting everything from Blaze Orange to Nike Volt. Since Acronym's inception in 1994, the world of techwear has diversified pas the simple monochrome palette that first defined it. The ACRONYM x NEMEN J-28K is the ultimate expression of that color spectrum, straight from the godfather of techwear himself. If you have an extra $1000 collecting dust, I highly recommend the White/Orange. Check out the full range of J-28K jackets below:    

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