Yuki Kawauchi, a 2:08 Japanese marathoner known by the nickname “Citizen Runner" for his refusal to accept corporate sponsors, has broken the Guinness World Record for fastest half-marathon run in a three-piece suit. Kawauchi's time of 1:06:42 (average pace: 5:04/mile) is close to elite status on its own, but when run in business professional attire, well, it's just awesome. 

Kawauchi was happy to have completed the run, even if his attempt won't become an official Guiness World Record due to the course, Kuki Marathon, not being registered as a Guiness-certified 13.1. Said Kawauchi: “I’m glad that I could break the Guinness World Record unofficially. I got pretty sweaty and tired out there, but the people along the course loved it.” As a runner: this man's the man, man.



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