New for the 2016 Geneva Motor Show is the latest iteration of BMW tuner Alpina's B7 supersedan. The car, based on BMW's 7-series luxury sedan, uses the same 4.4L twin-turbo V8 as its 5, 6, and 750i brethren, but turned up to eleven. The new car will produce a whopping 600bhp at the crank, and send that tidal wave of power to all wheels through an Alpina-tuned 8-speed Switch-Tronic transmission incorporated within BMW's xDrive platform.

The result is 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, with an estimated top speed of 193mph. Considering the base 7-series tips scales at well over two tons, you can just imagine how hard the B7's powerplant must work to move all that mass.  Good thing Alpina's upgrades kit features a new intercooler system, revised water and transmission cooling components, and an aero kit that promises maximum to ram as much cold air into the car as possible. Seriously - just look at that chin.

In a stiff competitive field filled established nameplates from Mercedes-AMG (S63), Audi quattro (RS7), and Porsche (Panamera Turbo S), it remains to be seen how the B7 will carve its niche. But in the present, I'm excited: BMW's M Division has never been 7-series friendly. This may be the closest we get then to a true Bavarian executive supersaloon. The Alpina B7 is BMW's new grand-touring heavyweight, in more ways than one.


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