In 2014, OHWOW gallery and aNYthing founder Aaron Bondaroff introduced the world to something it had forgotten. That year, Bondaroff launched KNOW WAVE Radio, an online-only radio platform designed to expose listeners to the progressive counterculture that defines today’s young creatives through a medium thought too old for relevance: broadcast radio.

The cast and crew of KNOW WAVE Radio (photo:  i-D )

The cast and crew of KNOW WAVE Radio (photo: i-D)

    KNOW WAVE is as close to pirate radio as the streaming generation will ever experience: broadcast at random out of a downtown NYC studio, featuring irreverent radio shows with titles like “Chillin’ Island” and Gully Type.” One popular show, “The Brother Nero Radio Hour”, is built around a philosophical theme of the week and emceed by a Microsoft SAM readout. Audio mixes between Dickensian poetry, Japanese jazz, and 70’s roots reggae – and it works. The cast of DJ’s is just as eclectic as the tracks they play. Outside of Bondaroff’s regular crew, guests have included pro skater Alex Olson, designer Virgil Abloh, and members of the A$AP Mob.

A$AP Mob x KNOW WAVE Miami, 2015 (photo:  Autre )

A$AP Mob x KNOW WAVE Miami, 2015 (photo: Autre)

    Part of what makes KNOW WAVE so special is the feeling that some higher intelligence is mixing your music. KNOW WAVE is not Discover Weekly with a human touch – it’s a wholly new experience, blending music, arts, and culture into nothing you’ve ever heard before. Chopped Nas remixes follow beat poetry. 80’s ad jingles fade in and out of Genesis drum tracks. And the show goes on.

    There are some seriously smart creatives spinning the tracks at KNOW WAVE. Tuning in to a show doesn’t feel like passive listening, partly because you’re going to be challenged by what you hear. Check it out, keep an open mind, and enjoy the audio. KNOW WAVE Radio is your friend who went to art school sharing a song over drinks – shelve your judgment and trust that it’s great. Someone who knows thinks you’ll like it.

Here are selections from my favorite KNOW WAVE radio shows, straight from their SoundCloud. Enjoy:



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