One year ago, this website was a scribble in a notebook. Next to "blog?" lay sketches, to-do's, and anything else I could put on paper to take my mind off Intro to Accounting. Looking back on those scribbles, 2016 has been an exercise in realization - from sketches to photos, ideas to words, I've tried to define myself by pulling the intangible out of the clouds and making it real.

Before I get all "myth of Prometheus," it's important to note that 1) I'm still new to all of this and 2) I'm still learning more every single day. By all accounts, I'm just a kid with some hobbies and a blog. However, thanks to you - you, the reader, the wearer, the supporter - that crusade towards making took its next step.

My new baby: a Nikon D5300 w/ 18-55mm lens.

My new baby: a Nikon D5300 w/ 18-55mm lens.

This November, I made my first investment into... well, me. That same Intro to Accounting class taught me that an enterprise applying earned funds back into itself for the purpose of further growth is called "capital investment." Purchasing a DSLR with money earned through my creative ventures, then, is as close as I'll get. 

I've got a long ways to go before I take objectively good photos (that "learning more every day" bit), but for now, I'm damn proud. Below are some photos from my first week of playing with the camera. If you have DSLR experience, feel free to comment and criticize. Otherwise, thank you - the reader, the wearer, the supporter - for propelling me here. 


Today as always, thank you for reading.


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