With neon tubes and the Spanish countryside as his lonesome companions, Paris-based photographer Nicolas Rivals painted a journey. Titled "La Linea Roja," Rivals' photo essay contrasts the iridescent glow of manmade light with the eerie stillness of the hinterlands at night. The results are alien, even chilling: artificial shapes glow with inorganic intensity, both a part of and wholly removed from the plants and trees they've invaded as support.

Yet, despite the almost predatory discomfort one feels watching the lights in the darkness, there's a subtly-attractive, even futuristic quality to Rivals' photos. How many movies portray man augmenting nature? How many rock album covers create similar scenes? Even as cruel, glowing, geometric fangs stare back from a once-tranquil forest, it's hard not to feel awed by their possibility. View the rest of the photos in the series below: 

All photos courtesy of the artist and DesignBoom.com.



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